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new - toledano & nakache

une année

Éric Toledano and Olivier Nakache (Intouchables, Samba, Le sens de la fête, Hors Normes, En thérapie) are back behind the camera with Une année difficile, currently playing in cinemas.

  • Director

    Éric Toledano & Olivier Nakache

  • Production


  • Studio


new - season 2

les rencontres du

After winning 2 Stratégies awards (Best Editorial Initiative Award, Grand Prix for Media Strategy and Innovation 2023), the Rencontres du Papotin journalists are back for season 2 on France 2.

  • director

    Henri Poulain

  • producer

    Jérôme Lament, Nicolas Duval Adassovsky, Hervé Ruet, Clément Chovin, Tristan Carné

  • co-production

    Quad, Kiosco.tv

  • Distribution

    France Télévision

new - tv show


After its success on France 2, the mini-series VORTEX is now available on Netflix!

  • Producers

    Iris Bucher & Roman Turlure

  • Director

    Slimane-Baptiste Berhoun

  • Writers

    Camille Couasse & Sarah Farkas, based on a concept by France Thilliez

  • Production

    Quad Drama

  • Brodcaster

    France 2 & Netflix

new doc - tour de france

au cœur du

From tears to victories, this series follows several teams as they compete in the 2022 edition of the world’s biggest cycling race.
Season 1 available on Netflix, season 2 in production.

  • Production

    James Gay-Rees, Yann Le Bourbouach, Paul Martin Amelia Hann

  • Production company

    QuadBox, Amaury Sport Organisation

  • Distribution


new - bruno aveillan

the wave

When the rhythms of life are rudely interrupted, all we are left with are memories – a ghost from ou past; and we take these broken memories and try to make sense of them

  • director

    Bruno Aveillan

  • Client


  • Agency


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we are quad group


we are an independent group of diverse production companies built on the fluid exchange of ideas and talents.

Quad Group is a collaborative platform for making a wide range of content for any medium through imagination, storytelling, and innovative technology.


explore our different expertises.

We are an independent group of diverse production companies built on the fluid exchange of ideas and talents.


  • quad lab
  • quad box


quad group 
is committed to 
an eco-responsible approach.

Our DNA and core values in our projects

Over the last 30 years, most of our films have focused on social differences.

Quad’s film projects such as The Intouchables, The Specials or TV feature films such as Les rencontres du Papotin all focus on social inclusion and aim to portray disabilities in a positive light.

Strong female characters play central roles in Quad series such as Le bazar de la charité, Les combattantes and Miskina. Poor Thing,

In terms of advertising, we also support film production projects led by associations and charities such as La maison des femmes, Les apprentis d’Auteuil, les migrants, les violences faites aux femmes, le cancer and 30 millions d’amis, to name just a few.

Most of our films do not simply aim to convey these values, our values, we also incorporate a reasonable and environmentally-friendly production policy throughout, while treating all parties involved with respect

Assigning teams to our projects

We bring in team members from a wide range of profiles, ensuring parity, respect and a pro-environmental attitude.

We also appoint an Eco-advisor, who guarantees good practices depending on production plans and terms. This was particularly the case for recent productions such as Meurtres à St Malo, Miskina, Poor Thing, etc.

We have also appointed a harassment support team for our sets and can train regular team members in this respect.

Environmental policy

We aim to reduce the waste we produce. Re-usable bottles, personal beakers and bulk purchases are all must-dos.

For meals, we recommend eco-responsible canteens with vegetarian, kosher and halal options.

Set bins are sorted and recycled on-site. If no recycling system is available on set, we will systematically arrange for a local sorting site or bring waste back to the Quad head office for handling.

Our DNA and core values within the group

Here at Quad, we have always employed more women than men, and we take pride in ensuring that wages are fair for all. We also focus on allowing people who would otherwise struggle to join the film world to get a foot in the door. These are our fundamental values, and part of our vision of the future.

Involving young people

We have set up a partnership with Saint Ouen local authorities to involve young people in film projects and introduce them to careers in our sector.

We also work with Kourtrajmé cinema school, which is run free of charge and open to all, with no entry qualifications required.

Gender equality

Our group employs 68 female members of staff versus 60 male members of staff, including 27 male managers versus 22 female managers

We have appointed a harassment officer for each group entity, and all subsidiary founders are trained in this respect.


In 2023, we organised an awareness day for both visible and invisible disabilities. We plan to launch an information campaign targeting the disabled intended to define any open vacancies they could fill.

Our teams

We provide a working environment designed to encourage discussion and creativity, just like a talent incubator. The group’s strengths are drawn from the combined expertise of team members, creating entities with different and yet complementary production operations.

Ensuring a cross-company philosophy is one of our key targets and provides the basis for our group structure.

We aim to gain the loyalty of our talented directors, producers and technical operators, while helping to improve their skills.

We have also expanded our HR service to improve our ability to handle specific issues, and appoint advisors on questions such as onboarding, QWL, etc.



We organise onboarding mornings throughout the year for freshly-recruited teams. Group entities, trades and employees are presented at these events.


We have launched a training plan to improve the skills of our employees and support their career development

Internships and sandwich courses

20% of our personnel are on sandwich courses, reflecting our core values. Thanks to this approach, we have contributed to training a plethora of technicians, producers, post-producers, directors and artistic directors, over many years, some of whom now work for the group.

Employee wellbeing

We contribute to meal costs for all of our teams. A connected canteen offers organic meals prepared with local produce sold in glass jars. The jars are replaced by the service provider, which also manages unsold products by offering them to students at a reduced rate.

Meeting up

We like to organise events where all of our employees can meet up around a barbecue or breakfast. Any excuse is good for a meet-up!


We have launched a mobility package and intend to install power sockets for recharging vehicles.

How we support the environment

Our pro-environment policy is not new. Step one was when we reduced, and then eliminated, “disposable” items:

  • By handing out plastic re-usable bottles and setting up water bottles in offices and on set.
  • In 2020, we used 24,000 disposable beakers and 2,400 water bottles. Beakers are now a thing of the past and we used 200 plastic bottles in 2023.
  • In 2022, we appointed a new CSR manager, who leads small working groups which continue to brainstorm solutions to yet again decrease our environmental footprint

Reducing our waste

We recycle waste at all of our sites and started composting waste late 2023

Energy management

We have replaced the entire lighting system with LEDs and installed motion detectors.

We have deployed water management policies to reduce consumption (push taps, aerators, etc.)

We have reduced the number of products used to clean our premises and opt for eco-label products whenever possible.

Digital sobriety

Fix Studio, our post-production unit, uses an abundance of computers and servers. We relocated a large percentage of this hardware to Qarnot’s premises. Qarnot re-uses the heat released by computers and converts it into hot water or for heating purposes.

We are currently working on Fix Studio’s first carbon audit. Thanks to this audit, we will be able to quantify our emissions and subsequently identify solutions to reduce them.

We are also active participants in the Ecoprod working group, whose aim is to optimise carbon footprint calculators

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revealed and upcoming projects

7 . 17 . 2024

Upcoming - Season 3

Tour de France: Unchained

Back for another Tour!
Season 3 of ‘Tour De France: Unchained’ is officially announced! A new adventure to follow very soon on Netflix.

Produced by Yann Le Bourbouac’h, James Gay Rees and Paul Martin.

A Quad Group + Box To Box Films production = #Quadbox

6 . 27 . 2024

Movie - Trailer

La nuit se traîne

Check out the trailer for the thriller “La nuit se traîne”, the first film by Michiel Blanchart starring Jonathan Feltre, Natacha Krief, Jonas Bloquet and Romain Duris!

In cinemas on 28 August.

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6 . 24 . 2024

Festival - Award

La nuit se traîne

Congratulations to Michiel Blanchart and the team behind LA NUIT SE TRAÎNE for winning the Audience Award at the Biarritz Film Festival – NOUVELLES VAGUES!

The film will be released in cinemas on 28 August.

6 . 11 . 2024

Release - Season 2

Tour De France: Unchained

Season 2 of ‘Tour De France: Au Coeur du Peloton’ is out today on Netflix!

After winning over the French and international press, the series is finally available. The Tour de France as you’ve never seen it before!

Produced by Yann Le Bourbouac’h, James Gay Rees and Paul Martin.

A Quad Group + Box To Box Films production = #Quadbox

5 . 28 . 2024

New Commercial - Release

Oasis x Naruto

Oasis x Naruto, who could have imagined such a combination of coolness?
A group of ninja Marcel of course ! Kick ass directors duo Milli directed this action-packed film, brimming with references to Naruto’s universe for fans & anime lovers

Congratulations to the dream team that made this film possible!

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5 . 16 . 2024

Teaser - Season 2

Tour de France: Unchained

Dive into the heart of the peloton for the second season of the Tour de FranceUnchained!

Between crashes, dirty tricks and the desire for glory

Join us on Netflix on 11 June for an immersion in the toughest race in the world!

Thanks to Netflix France, Le Tour de France, A.S.O. – Amaury Sport Organisation, France Télévisions, Steve Chainel, Orla Chennaoui

Produced by Yann Le Bourbouac’h, James Gay-Rees and Paul Martin.

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5 . 3 . 2024

New Commercial - Release

La Colombe

Let yourself be carried away by a multi-sensory experience: a film signed Where is Brian for the La Colombe Coffee directed by the talented film-making duo Foodfilm ☕️

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4 . 25 . 2024

Game Trailer - Release

Slay the spire

You’ll have to pluck up the courage to dive back into Slay the Spire, but first enjoy this mysterious trailer made by CRCR Studio and produced by Wizz.

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4 . 23 . 2024

Game Trailer - Release

Pepper Grinder

Shipwrecked and penniless, Pepper is determined to take back what’s hers from those pesky Narlings! “Pepper Grinder”, a new project by Wizz Design, produced by CRCR Studio.

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4 . 2 . 2024

TV Show - Release


Get ready to board with Flywingz ️️✈️

Terminal, a sitcom made in Jamel – Takeoff Monday, April 22, only on CANAL+

Directed by Jamel Debbouze and Mohamed Hamidi, this live-action series chronicles daily life aboard one of the world’s most… surprising airlines.

The crew includes Ramzy Bedia, Camille Chamoux, Bérangère McNeese, Brahim Bouhlel, Tristan Lopin and Laureen “lapotegenante”. Comedians Doully, Alexandra Roth and Samuel Bambi complete the cast, along with some prestigious guests!

3 . 26 . 2024

new commercial - Renault


Renault R5 by ManvsMachine for Renault
Crafted at QUAD Productions

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3 . 11 . 2024

Movie - Poster


Check out the poster for #Frères, the new film by Olivier Casas.

An incredible true story, brought to the screen by Yvan Attal and Mathieu Kassovitz, in cinemas from 24 April.

3 . 6 . 2024

Movie - Poster

Notre Monde

After “La colline où rugissent les lionnes” at the Quinzaine des cinéastes in 2021, Luàna Bajrami is back with the film Notre Monde, in official selection at the last Venice Film Festival!

Starring Albina Krasniqi, Elsa Mala and produced by Eric Toledano & Olivier Nakache, in theaters April 24.

Kosovo, 2007. Zoé and Volta leave their remote village to attend university in Pristina. On the eve of independence, between political and social tensions, the two young women confront the turmoil of a country in search of an identity, whose youth have been left behind.

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2 . 27 . 2024

TV Show - Release

La Fièvre

When a soccer star assaults his coach during a live ceremony, a media storm begins and a merciless battle ensues between two talented communicators.

La Fièvre, with Nina Meurisse, Ana Girardot, Benjamin Biolay, Xavier Robic, Alassane Diong, Pascal Vannson & Lou Adriana Bouziouane, from March 18, only on CANAL+.

#LaFièvre, series created by Eric Benzekri
Directed by Ziad Doueiri
Produced by QUAD+TEN

2 . 16 . 2024

Drama - Release

Meurtres à Bayeux

Meurtres à Bayeux, to be discovered Saturday, February 24 at 9:10pm on France3!

A 90-minute drama
Written by Natascha Cucheval and Iris Ducorps
Directed by Kamir Ainouz
Produced by Roman Turlure
Line producer Iris Bucher
Produced by Quad Drama, in coproduction with France Televisions, AT-Production / RTBF
With the support of Le CNC and the participation of Radio Television Suisse.

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2 . 7 . 2024

Clip - Release

Chinese Man - Too Late

Have you ever seen a horse mixing and breakdancing? It’s never too late!

The new Chinese Man video clip, “Too Late”, produced by Wizz and directed by the talented Patagraph, is out now!

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2 . 6 . 2024

RSE - Production

Ecoprod Label

The TV Show “TERMINAL” is the first Quad project to be awarded the Ecoprod Label, and we hope it will be the first of many!

Congratulations to Margaux Pierrefiche and the whole production team!

1 . 19 . 2024

Movie - Release

Comme Un Prince

Don’t miss COMME UN PRINCE by Ali Marhyar, starring Ahmed Sylla, Julia Piaton & Mallory Wanecque!
Produced by Marie Jardillier & Yann Zenou

1 . 11 . 2024

Documentary - Canal+

Gabart, quand gagner ne suffit plus.

Embark on the latest Quad Lab / QUAD GROUP documentary!

4 years of immersion with François Gabart, the little genius of French sailing.

Gabart, quand gagner ne suffit plus.

14 January at 9pm on Canal+.

Directed by Elsa Blayau. Produced by Alexis Rault and Yann Le Bourbouach.

Many thanks to the CANAL+ Group teams for their support!

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1 . 10 . 2024

new commercial - Cathay Pacific

The difference is in the detail

Get ready to take off on a magical gourmet journey for Cathay Pacific, produced by Where is Brian? directed by Foodfilm!

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12 . 27 . 2023

Documentary - France TV

Au cœur du Papotin

Dive into “Au coeur du Papotin” with the documentary directed by Paul Frère, to be broadcast Thursday at 11:20 pm on France 2!

Produced by : Eric Toledano, Olivier Nakache, Jérôme Lament, Hervé Ruet, Clément Chovin and Tristan Carné.

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12 . 13 . 2023

new commercial - Samsung

Light up your holidays!

Check out the new holiday campaign for Samsung directed by Mathery produced by Quad Productions!

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12 . 8 . 2023

The Billionaire, The Butler, and the Boyfriend - Thanks!

L'Affaire Bettencourt : scandale chez la femme la plus riche du monde

Thank you all for watching our documentary series The Billionaire, The Butler, and the Boyfriend (L’Affaire Bettencourt : scandale chez la femme la plus riche du monde) on Netflix, with family and friends.

A production with Box to Box films, and still available on Netflix

11 . 22 . 2023

new commercial - stop motion

Terry's Chocolate brand new flavour!

And yes, you read that right. Terry’s Chocolate, the iconic chocolate brand, is launching its brand new flavour! This stop motion nugget was directed by Patagraph and produced by Wizz Design 🍫

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11 . 22 . 2023

L'Arche de Noë - currently in theatres

L'Arche de Noë in theatres today!

Today in cinemas, don’t miss L’Arche de Noë, directed by Bryan Marciano, a great adventure with Eliph productions!

With Valerie Lemercier, Finnegan Oldfield and a whole cast of superb young actors 🌈
Produced by Christine Rouxel, Margaux Marciano, Nicolas Duval
Released by TF1 Studio & UGC Distribution

11 . 10 . 2023

Comme un Prince - Trailer

Comme un Prince new trailer

Check out the trailer for Comme un Prince by Ali Marhyar, starring Ahmed Sylla, Julia Piaton & Mallory Wanecque, produced by Marie Jardillier & Yann Zenou!
In theatres on 17 January 2024

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11 . 8 . 2023

released on Netflix -

L’affaire Bettencourt

When money makes you crazy… It makes you crazy on every level.

From family conflict to national scandal: “L’Affaire Bettencourt: scandale chez la femme la plus riche du monde”, a documentary series available now on Netflix.

A Quad Box production.

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10 . 25 . 2023

currently in theater -

Pod Generation

POD GENERATION, this fall’s futuristic comedy, hits French cinemas today.

Directed by Sophie Barthes, starring Emilia Clarke and Chiwetel Ejiofor.
Produced by Yann Zenou, Echo Studio, Scope Pictures
Released by Jour2Fête

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10 . 23 . 2023

in production -


Fasten your seatbelts!

We are very proud to announce that the TERMINAL series is currently shooting!
With Ramzy Bedia, Bérangère McNeese, Brahim Bouhlel, Tristan Lopin, Camille Chamoux, Laureen “lapotegenante”, Doully.

A Création Originale Canal Plus
Directed by Jamel Debbouze et Mohamed Hamidi.

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10 . 18 . 2023

currently in theater -

Une année difficile

After winning over the press and the first audiences on tour, une année difficile is finally in theaters!
Discover Eric Toledano and Olivier Nakache’s new comedy in theaters today.
Starring Pio Marmaï, Noémie Merlant, Jonathan Cohen and Mathieu Amalric!

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9 . 29 . 2023

new commercial -

The wave by Betclic

Be ready to get hit by Bruno Aveillan’s Betclic France Wave.
Merci Marcel Agency ❣️

Client : Betclic France
Agence : Marcel Agency
QUAD Productions

Thank you Marcel Agency, Betclic France, Rodolphe Lanaro, Martin Coulais, Lucie Gallot

Thank you Nataly Aveillan, Thanh Long Bach, Sylvain Canaux, Fix Studio VFX, Bruno Maillar, Marc Gutman, Maeva Bonté, Marie Tavard, Léa Bouzaiane, Adrien Lepineau, Thomas Dos Santos, The Dog Prod

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9 . 28 . 2023

on air on 22/11 -

L'arche de Noë

L’Arche de Noé (Noah’s Ark), directed by Bryan Marciano, is a beautiful adventure with Eliph Productions, and you can discover it in cinemas from November 22, 2023!

Starring Valérie Lemercier, Finnegan Oldfield and a whole cast of superb young actors!

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9 . 21 . 2023

new commercial -

100% electric edition for Renault Scenic

Take a look at Man.vs.Machine electrifying new film for Renault
Image : Jack Exton
Thanks you Publicis Conseil, Marcelo Vergara, Gurvan Prioul | Jonathan Levain| Philippine Domenech | Raimbaut Gaffier.
Thank you Renault, Arnaud B., Laurent Aliphat, Alexandra Ovigny, Marine Quetaud, Sarah Tognazzi
Congrats Martin Revol, William Blanc and Karin Barel!

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